Additional Supervision Request

For students that currently in the MFT Certificate Program at Denver Family Institute, you may request additional supervision on a quarterly basis in addition to you base package amount 


A la carte supervisions will not be permitted in the program


You are only allowed one individual supervisor for the purpose of completing program requirements for the DFI MFT Certificate program. Should you need or require additional supervisions, that will need to be contracted seperately, and that supervisor will not be considered affiliated with your status in the DFI program. 


Steps to request additional supervision:

1. Fill out the form below completely (you will receive a submission receipt via email after completing the form)


Additional Supervision Request Form


2. You will be invoiced by the DFI bookkeeper with the additional amount requested. You will need to pay this invoice by the specified due date. 


3. Once the invoice is paid, you may then schedule the addtional supervisions (you cannot complete these supervisions prior to receiving admin approval). Additional supervisions may only take place in the quarter you requested, and the supervisions do not rollover into subsequent quarters.


For your reference, please view the 2017-2018 supervision chart to indicate the number of base package supervisions you will receive per quarter.



2018-2018 Supervision Breakdown