Denver Family Institute Alumni

Meet Our Alumni

Graduates of Denver Family Institute MFT Training Program have gone above and beyond in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy. Our graduates came to us with a Masters in a related field (Counseling, Mental Health, Psychology, Social Work, etc.) and put in an additional 2 years and over 500 clinical hours to obtain their AAMFT certificates in Marriage and Family Therapy. We are so proud to recognize these fine therapists.
If you are a graduate and do not see your name listed below, or if you would like us to update your information, please email

Denver Family Institute MFT Training Program Alumni

Elizabeth Adler, MSW, LSW
Rachel Alpert, MSW,  LCSW
Janelle Althen, MSW,  LCSW
A.J. Bernstein
Lea Bernstein
Tristan Beymer
William H. Bishop, LPC
Jamie Blair Echevarria, LCSW, LMFT
Barbara Bond, LPC
Laura Borner
Elizabeth Bolz
Jenna Brill
Emilia Broadhurst
Klara Brown, LPC
Neil Cannon, Ph.D.
Jason Conger, MSW, LSW
Kelsey Connaghan, LCSW
Lynnette Cooper
Laura Cross
Ken Curry
Donald Damborg, MA
Jane Davidson, LCSW, LMFT
Stephanie Dorcas, MA
Joe Elliott
Maggie Elliott, MA, NCC
Teena Evert, LMFT
Elisa Fadam-Montoya
Kim Fisel
Antoinette Gomez
Heather Gomez
Rachel Gall, MA, LPC, NCC
Erin Hall
Colin Harris, MSW
Kim Heberlein
Drew Hodgson
Allison Holley,LCSW, CAC III
Celeste Huber
Annie Hutt, LPC
Jamie Jacobs-Bohn, MSW, LCSW
Julia Jones, LSW
Kerry Kaeding, MSW
Marta Kem, LMFT
Ryan Kennedy
Pam Kennel
Kris Kirkbride
Misti Klarenbeek-McKenna, LCSW, LMFT, AAMFT Approved Supervisor
Ginny Kreeft
Jamie Leach, MA, NCC
Sheila Lepkin, NCSP
Rita S. Lewis, LCSW, RN

Michael Lopez-Jensen
Bethany Love
I Chan “Nina” Lu
Marla Madrid
Mary-Jean Malyszka
Wendy Makovika Leu
Aleisha Maunu, MA, LMFT
Jennifer Meyer, MA, LPC, NCC
Nate Mohr, MSW
Rebecca Moravec, MA, LPC
Alice Morris, MSW, LCSW
Katie Murphy, MA, NCC
Cori Noordyk
Kristine Ocasek
Joan Palan
Janna Phillips
Alisha Powell
Matt Powell
Janie Prewitt, MSW
Heather Pylant
Amy Ray Rifonov
Beth Reisen
Mirra Roske, MSW
Paul Roy
Justin Ryan
Angela Sanders
Brian Shannon
Mike Shellenberg
Heidi Skogman, MSW
Suzanne Smith
Jesse Sperry
Indigo Stray Conger, MA
Kerry Stutzmann, MSW, LMFT
Beth Teeters
Hunter Teets, MA, NCC, LPC
Stephanie Thiel
Amanda Thomas
Lisa Thomas
Heather Tousignant, MSW, LSW
Rachel Uslan
Julie Valenziano
Andrea Vaughn, MSW
Jessica Waclawski, MSW, LSW
Darin Wallis, LCSW, LMFT, CACIII, AAMFT Clinical Fellow & Approved Supervisor
Janelle Washburne, MSW, LCSW
Jenny Wegner, MFT
Julee Whaley
Eugene Yom, MSW