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October 26, 2017
DFI Blog - Clues to Making Your Office Work for You and Your Clients

No one prepared most Clinicians for the rigors of private practice. There surely were no classes discussing chairs, love seats, couches, art, plants and lighting, waiting room music, magazines, sound proofing and lighting. That’s what I, in all humbleness, want to offer in this post. These are my views after 50 years of being a therapist and sometime client. I did visit Freud’s office in Vienna and while I loved seeing it I disliked it to my very core (see photo).

Designing the Waiting Room

First, a waiting room should be inviting and give a good first impression. Make sure it is really sound proof. If clients can hear what’s going on in another office, how secure can they feel about confidentiality? Magazines should be kept current. Music helps if it’s chosen wisely and softly. Radio is not preferred.

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July 24, 2016
DFI Blog - 50 Ways to Fail in Private Practice

If you are starting a private practice you probably know there are many ways to fail. Here I give you 50 that occur to me. I am open to hear any additions you might have. PLEASE!!

Of course, I have made a lot of mistakes in my 49 years of practice, the biggest may be telling you how many years I’ve been at this. Some are obvious and some you may not agree with. The idea is get you thinking about how to be successful.

I want you to succeed. My life has been wonderful and a great deal of that is a direct result of my private practice and the flexibility and freedom it has offered me.

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