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March 23, 2017

  OK, You’ve Decided to Divorce By Steve Litt, LCSW First, sit with the decision for a few days. Make sure you are not just very hurt and angry. If the decision is clear, a few more days won’t change that. You may have been thinking about this for a long time. I offer that there are things for you to do before you make the big announcement. Don’t declare your intentions yet and don’t file anything yet. In the meanwhile, BE NICE! Do your research before you act. When you stack cannon balls, how you set the first row determines how the subsequent rows will look. So it is with divorce. What you do at the beginning shapes the course and shape of what is to come. The Second thing to do is talk to professionals like lawyers and marriage counselors who are specialists. Do some checking around, every lawyer and therapist is not qualified to help. This could be the most important choice you make. Ask about your rights in a divorce. Ask for details of how the legal jurisdiction you live in functions. In some jurisdictions there are long waits to get to court. Some offer mediation or arbitration options. Some states have a do it yourself method for simple divorce. You do want to know all that you and yours will be facing. When the cost

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December 28, 2016

I hope you are as excited about our new offering of Divorce, Version 4.0 which offers a free upgrade from 3.0 last revised in 1952. While 3.0 was much better than the older version of leaving the folded up clothes outside of the teepee, the required resources to carry on a lifetime of avoiding each other were too burdensome. Still, look how far we’ve come since Version 1.0, first launched by Henry the VIII. Most would agree that those beheadings and trials were costly and brutal.  In announcing his upcoming divorce a great guy I know asked what’s it mean when she said “ I don’t want to be divorced from you. I want to be divorced to you”? Designer Divorce. Increasingly people are finding that divorce doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. It was so much easier when less people we doing it, say in the1750’s or 1950’s. A divorce meant a lifelong estrangement. We weren’t going to talk, visit, go to the same places to eat, share family holidays and events. Nope, we were divorcing and that was the end of the relationship. Just talk through the lawyers and handle the custody and money issues by mail or notes. Some people are still using that older version of divorce.

July 24, 2016

By Steve Litt, LCSW If you are starting a private practice you probably know there are many ways to fail. Here I give you 50 that occur to me. I am open to hear any additions you might have. PLEASE!! Of course, I have made a lot of mistakes in my 49 years of practice, the biggest may be telling you how many years I’ve been at this. Some are obvious and some you may not agree with. The idea is get you thinking about how to be successful. I want you to succeed. My life has been wonderful and a great deal of that is a direct result of my private practice and the flexibility and freedom it has offered me. The 50 1. Spend too much on furniture and rent. 2. Rely on someone else to build and maintain your website. 3. “Specialize” in everything. 4. Only go into the office when you have appointments. 5. Only do PR when your caseload is low. 6. Only bill monthly. 7. Only take insurance. 8. Refuse to take insurance or learn how to help your clients with claims. 9. Stay in your office and only go to required CEU workshops. 10. Work alone and don’t share your struggles with others. 11. “Coach” folks and avoid the problems of a state license. 12. Dress like the dork that you really are. 11. Take your time returning calls because you are only working those hours. 12. Limit yourself to a structured week, let oth

October 29, 2014

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