MFT Training Program

What is Denver Family Institute’s Certificate Program?

The DFI MFT Training Program is a two year post-graduate certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy Program. Students graduate with an AAMFT Accredited Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy which is necessary to sit for the LMFT exam.
DFI is a hands-on training program where students strengthen their specialized ability to conduct a strength-based psychotherapy intervention with couples, families, and individuals. Students conduct psychotherapy under the supervision of a wide range of practicing therapists.

The Denver Family Institute MFT Training Program is a two-year program which consists of 13 systems courses. The courses cover a myriad of topics related to conducting the therapy process and students are encouraged to use information gained in class while working with clients at the DFI therapy clinic. DFI classes use a great diversity of teaching modalities which range from role plays, to live therapy presentations from the instructors, to lecture.

All of the instructors and supervisors at DFI are practicing clinicians, which means that 100% of the faculty are actively involved in offering the therapy services that they will be teaching and/or supervising.
DFI is an outcome/competency based program. Instructors and supervisors hold the responsibility of helping you on your journey of becoming a helpful and effective therapist. Graduates from the Denver Family Institute MFT Training Program have all had the opportunity to have their therapy skills validated through live and video recorded supervision.
We are accredited by COAMFTE (the accrediting division of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapist). All graduates from the program will have all of the academic requirements needed to apply for a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). Additionally, the majority of our supervisors also have an LCSW/LPC+LMFT so that supervision at DFI can count towards a LCSW, a LPC, or a LMFT once the student has earned their masters degree.
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Who is a candidate for the DFI program?

Students begin the DFI program while in their last year of graduate school or as a post-graduate. The program is 2 years for both. The 2nd year of the program, all students are considered “post-graduates” There are currently 3 classifications of students:
Joint Student (Grad Students):  Joint students take classes at DFI and do their clinical internships at a different site. A joint student starts DFI supervision and starts seeing clients at the DFI clinic beginning in their 2nd year in the program (during their 2nd year they are considered a post-graduate student). J. Joint students are admitted into the program in the late summer.
Interns (Grad Students):  Interns take classes at DFI and work roughly 20 hours/week as their clinical internship. Interns receive weekly individual supervision and 5 group supervisions per quarter. In exchange for offering 20 hours per week of administrative assistance (which includes conducting therapy sessions), interns do not pay for supervision and receive 1 free class per quarter. Interns are admitted shortly after interviews.
Post-Graduate (Already hold a Masters):  Post-graduates take 2 classes per quarter, receive 6 individual supervisions per quarter, and receive 5 2-hour group supervisions per quarter. Every 2nd year student at DFI is a Post-graduate student.

To complete the program at DFI the students must:

Denver Family Institute - MFT Training Program - Denver Marriage and Family Therapy

  • Complete and pass all 14 courses
  • Average a 4 on their final DFI competency evaluations (which are a self-evaluations that are confirmed by the individual supervisor)… and complete all relevant evaluations throughout the program
  • Maintain orderly client files
  • Pay tuition in full
  • Complete 7 quarters of group and individual supervision
  • Complete 500 hours of clinical work (375 or more direct contact hours and up to 125 professional hours). DFI graduates are required to have conducted 250 psychotherapy sessions at the DFI clinic
  • Pass the final capstone project