Denver Family Institute

Child & Adolescent Counseling

Child Therapy
Children can benefit from counseling and therapy just like adults can. Many kids need help expressing themselves and a trained counselor can help children cope with school and family issues, particularly if there’s a major transition, like a death, divorce, move, or serious illness. If a child suddenly seems withdrawn, worried, or acting out of character, a professional ear in a comfortable setting can do a world of good. Therapy for children focuses on self-esteem and improving relationships and communication. Denver Family Institute child therapists are experts at helping children cope with stress, develop problem-solving skills, a strong sense of self and emotional strength. 

Teen & Adolescent Counseling
Many teens and adolescents are dealing with school stress, bullying, relationship issues, peer pressure, and a whole host of other issues that seem to be crashing down on them. During this time, teens can begin to act out in a variety of ways and you as a parent may feel helpless in knowing how best to respond and support your teen. At Denver Family Institute, we provide a comfortable place for your adolescent to express themselves in a true and authentic way. Adolescent counseling focuses on improving communication, problem-solving skills, learning how to cope with stress, and developing a stronger sense of self. DFI therapists are trained to work with and involve other family members in therapy as it makes sense in working toward therapeutic outcomes and goals.

Ready to get started?

Thank you for your interest in the Denver Family Institute. We understand that it takes courage to seek help or guidance and we’re excited to get to know you and listen to your story. To get started with individual counseling, give us a call at 303.756.3340 for a 15-20 minute meet and greet. After we speak with you, we will match you with a DFI counselor that best suits your needs.

Note: We are offering in-person, teletherapy, and hybrid services Read more here.