Denver Family Institute

Therapy for Victims of Violence & Abuse

If you are being abused by a partner or family member, you may feel confused, afraid, angry and/or trapped. All of these emotions are normal responses to abuse. You may also blame yourself for what is happening. But no matter what others might say, you are never responsible for their abusive actions. 

Any person who is experiencing or have experienced domestic violence and abuse will need emotional support of some kind, but their needs will vary. All victims need to be listened to with respect and without being judged when they choose to talk about their experiences. They want to be believed – and to feel they have been understood. In order to keep all of our clients safe, DFI therapists do not see couples who are experiencing active abusive dynamics of power and control in their relationship. 

The aim of counseling is to help you understand yourself better and come to terms with what has happened to you. Counseling will help you to break away from past abusive relationships and work towards living in a way which is more constructive and adaptive. If you are seeking counseling because you have engaged in domestic abusive behavior, please be aware that some of your disclosures may need to be reported under relevant state abuse reporting laws. This will be explained to you during the intake procedure. Please contact Denver Family Institute for more information.

Ready to get started?

Thank you for your interest in the Denver Family Institute. We understand that it takes courage to seek help or guidance and we’re excited to get to know you and listen to your story. To get started with individual counseling, give us a call at 303.756.3340 for a 15-20 minute meet and greet. After we speak with you, we will match you with a DFI counselor that best suits your needs.

Note: We are offering in-person, teletherapy, and hybrid services Read more here.