Bodyful Practices for Couples: Somatic Interventions for Therapist Assessment and Intervention with Melissa Walker, LPC, CST, R-DMT

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This webinar will introduce the fundamental components of relational bodyful practices for your couple clients and you will learn how to apply a bodyful practice in a relationship therapy setting. Somatic-based experiential practices can be incorporated by the therapist as an assessment tool to highlight an attachment dynamic and get under the story content and assumptions that keep intimate partners stuck in disconnection. They are also an intervention tool to help the clients shift from defensiveness to receptivity and to broaden their repertoire of connection. This is the kind of tool that is both useful in session and out of session in the client’s daily life — an intentional practice to incorporate into their relationship that helps them to shift into congruence between what they desire and what they express. Through the use of bodyful practices, your clients will experience a more genuine and inspiring intimate connection.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the components and benefits of incorporating Bodyful Practices into your work with couples.
  2. Effectively facilitate a basic bodyful practice with your clients.