Mental Health Services at DFI

  • Low-Cost Counseling Services: Refer to this page for more information.

  • Assessment Services: through August 2023, we are able to offer the following assessment services at a significantly reduced price compared to other providers:
    • The Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale is a test often used in making determinations for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD). The Vineland assesses a person’s adaptive level of functioning by standardized interview of the person or their caregiver through their activities of daily living such as walking, talking, getting dressed, going to school, preparing a meal, etc. The original Vineland interview assessed three domains: communication, socialization and daily living, which correspond to the 3 domains of adaptive functioning recognized by the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities namely conceptual skills (language and literacy, mathematics, time and number concepts, and self-direction), social skills and practical skills of daily living. Note that the Vineland is not a valid assessment for autism diagnosis.
      -The Vineland takes between 60 – 90 minutes to administer and several hours for the clinician to review, assess, and report.
      -Price: $250 – $350 depending on household income.
      -Reach out to our intake team to get started!

    • The Behavioral Assessment System for Children (BASC III)
      What is the BASC? The Behavioral Assessment System for Children (BASC III) measures behavioral and emotional challenges in children ages 2-11 and 11 months and adolescents ages 12-21 years and 11 months.

      Why should I consider the BASC III for my child(ren) or family member(s)? Assessments such as the BASC III can be helpful when you have a young client, adolescent, or older teenager in distress. You may need more contextual information to understand the impact and source of distress. The BASC III is an excellent tool when children or adolescents struggle in school, whether they currently have a neurodivergent diagnosis or other behavioral diagnoses. Assessments are only valid for a short time during childhood and adolescence due to their rapid growth. Even if the child has been assessed in the past, it is good practice to see if testing results have changed.
      How can the BASC III benefit my child(ren) or family? Early behavioral and emotional screening and intervention in grade school children can help offset negative future issues regarding school performance, relationships, employment, substance abuse, and legal matters. This assessment has scales that help identify emotional and behavioral issues related to focus and attention (ADHD) and internalizing/externalizing behaviors (anxiety, depression, conduct disorders). Teachers report that the BASC III helps identify behavioral and emotional difficulties.
      The BASC III takes 30 minutes to administer, and several hours for the clinician to review, assess, and report.
      -Reach out to our intake team to get started!
      -Price: $75 – $125 depending on household income
      -Reach out to our intake team to get started!
      -Testing Availability: Stacey Stafford, MA, LPC, is a doctoral intern at DFI and will administer the BASC III and the Vineland for you. Stacey will work with you integratively to write a report and provide helpful information about treatment options based on assessment results.

  • Free Resource Navigation (case management) Services: This service is intended to help our clients connect with other resources that meet other needs such as housing resources, child care, employment opportunities, legal assistance and others. Clients are connected with an empathetic and knowledgeable Resource Navigator at DFI who serves as a main point of contact, advocate, and liaison with other organizations and agencies on behalf of our clients.

  • Group Therapy: We offer ongoing group therapy that is available to current DFI clients, as well as non-DFI clients/community members. Topics may include anxiety management, DBT, effective communication, grief, and more. Groups are typically 12 weeks long and are limited to 8 participants per group. Groups are generally offered at low or no cost to participants.

  • Workshops: We offer a variety of workshops to both DFI clients and the broader community on an ongoing basis. Workshop topics vary and in the past have included workshops focused on emotional regulation for families and children. These workshops are generally offered at no or low cost to participants.

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