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A One of a Kind Internship Experience

As a COAMFTE-accredited post-degree institute, DFI is a unique internship placement that appeals most to students and interns who seek specialized training in systemic, relational therapy and are looking to hone their skills with couples and/or families. In some cases, interns know that they are pursuing dual licensure. Because most of our interns are in Social Work and Counseling programs, DFI provides a comprehensive education in relational, systemic therapy and makes all students eligible for MFT licensure in the state of Colorado after graduating.

Interns do not pay for supervision while interning at DFI, and they also receive 3 free courses during their 1st year at DFI (a total value of more than $5,000). Because DFI specializes in relationship, couples, and family therapy, it is essential that all student therapists who work with clients at DFI are immersed in the full curriculum. DFI’s curriculum is thoughtfully designed to build on itself and to allow students adequate time and practice to fully integrate the skills they are learning.

Interns at DFI are enrolled in DFI’s 500-hour certificate program in Marriage and Family Therapy. Therefore, an internship placement at DFI is a 2-year commitment in which students complete their internship during their first year at DFI and complete the DFI certificate program in the second year. Learn more about DFI’s MFT certificate program here.

Beyond the free supervision and tuition discounts during the internship year, an additional scholarship is available for all DFI students – including interns – to apply for each year. Amounts vary each year, but typically range from $1,200 to $5,000 each year per applicant. The scholarship gives priority to students experiencing financial constraints, as well as single parents and students from historically marginalized backgrounds.

Feedback from Our Interns

Feedback on the DFI internship experience continues to be overwhelmingly positive. Some of the benefits shared with us current and former interns include:

  • Personalized attention to the intern’s specific needs. 
  • Quality, intensive supervision. Live case supervision. 
  • Diversity of the clients and the clients’ presenting problems. 
  • Observation of session videotapes in supervision. 
  • The opportunity to work with trainees at DFI that are post-graduate or from other universities. 
  • Experiential, engaging coursework. 
  • High level of experience of the faculty members. 
  • The emphasis on clinical work in the training. 
  • The commitment to systems, relational therapy and strength-based work at DFI. 
  • Experience working with families, couples and individuals. 
  • Being an integral part of the operations and administering of the program.

Partnering with Local Universities

DFI is an approved internship site for dozens of local and national universities. We welcome the opportunity to expand university partnerships. Reach out to with inquiries about DFI’s internship opportunities and to become a university partner.

What We're Looking For in a DFI Intern

We welcome your inquiry regarding internships. Please note that DFI offers a limited number of internships each year and the process is competitive. Placement at DFI for internships entails students staying on at DFI post-Master’s degree to complete the second year courses, additional supervision and 500 clinical hours (250 of which may be completed outside of our DFI clinics, 250 within the clinics). 

We are seeking students who possess these qualities or who want to develop such skills:

  • Commitment to excellence and a desire to be the best therapist you can.
  • Personal and professional integrity.
  • Respect for diverse clients, faculty and other students.
  • Passion for the field of couples and family therapy.
  • Willingness to engage fully in all aspects of the program as an active adult learner.
  • Supportive of the growth and training of fellow trainees.
  • Ability to also have fun while learning.
  • Ability to foster an engaging, dynamic and diverse learning community and culture at DFI.