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MFT Program Tuition Information

The MFT Training Program at Denver Family Institute offers a two year Post-Graduate certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy. DFI is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE), and is the only COAMFTE-accredited Post Degree Institute (PDI) in the state of Colorado, and one of only five accredited PDIs in the country. Graduates from the program will have many of the academic requirements needed to apply for a License in Marriage and Family Therapy (LMFT) in the state of Colorado.

*Please note: Tuition rates reflect 2019 cohort and are subject to change.

Types of Students at DFI

Post-Graduate Student

First-year students with a prior master’s degree who are not interning, and are taking a full course load of courses while receiving both group and individual supervision are considered Post-Graduate students. All Post-Graduate clinical work counts towards the DFI clinical requirement. If you have completed your Master’s degree, all Post-Graduate clinical work counts towards your LMFT and any other license you may be pursuing concurrently. All second-year students and above are considered Post-Graduates at DFI.

Pre-Graduate Student

The Pre-Graduate experience allows students to join DFI’s program while they finish up their last year of their master’s program. The Pre-Grad track is ideal for students seeking additional training in Marriage and Family Therapy and/or direct client hours, but not in need of an internship placement site. Pre-Graduates are able to complete their necessary internship requirements for their master’s program at DFI’s community clinics while also enrolled in our two-year MFT Training Program.

Pre-Graduates have the flexibility to determine their weekly schedule of client sessions, attend weekly experiential therapy training classes, receive both individual and group supervision, and upon graduation from our MFT Training Program, will hold a specialized certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy. Tuition for Pre-Grads is the same as Post-Grads and there are currently no Internship scholarship opportunities for Pre-Grads.

DFI Interns

Interns at DFI take a full course load of classes and are involved in both individual and group supervision with DFI. Interns are completing their Master’s degree internship requirements at the DFI clinic. Interns provide a minimum of 20 hours of administrative work per week to support the operations of DFI’s clinic, training program, and workshops/conferences. All Internship clinical work counts towards the DFI clinical requirement.

Tuition Costs for 2020-2022 Academic Year


$700 per course

Each 20-hour course at DFI  is centered on an area of Marriage and Family Therapy.   Courses are held once a week over 5 consecutive weeks and are taught by practicing clinicians and experts in the field of mental health.  All courses have been approved by COAMFTE and count toward the educational equivalency needed to apply for an LMFT.

Practicum 1-4

$300 per quarter

Practicum covers the clinical part of your participation in the Marriage and Family Therapy Training Program. Each Practicum Quarter is worth two (2) Credits.

Individual Supervision

$550 for Quarterly Individual Supervision (50 minutes)

Fall Quarter = 8 second year/16 first year Individual Supervisions ($850)
Winter Quarter = 5 second year/10 first year Individual Supervisions
Spring = 5 second year/ 10 first year  Individual Supervisions
Summer = 7 Individual Supervisions

*You can opt to pay extra $90 for a la carte supervision sessions above and beyond the quarterly limit

Practicum 5 - 8

$300 per quarter

Practicum covers the clinical part of your participation in the Marriage and Family Therapy Training Program Each Practicum Quarter is worth two (2) Credits

Group Supervision

$300 for Quarterly Group Supervision (2 hours)

You will participate in five (5) group supervision sessions per quarter. Group sizes are typically between three (3) and six (6) students.

Capstone Course

$650 for 2021 presenters

Your Capstone Course occurs over the course of the two-year program and is the last credited course. The price of your capstone project includes the attendance of your individual supervisor, the Program Director, MFT Practicum Coordinators, and the Executive Director at your final capstone, as well as the preparation classes and administrative oversight over all student learning outcome (SLO) evaluations.

DFI Internship Scholarship

As an Intern at Denver Family Institute, you will receive an Internship Scholarship! The Internship Scholarship pays for one class per quarter for the internship year, totaling $2100.

Additionally, all supervision for the program is included in your Internship year, meaning both group and individual supervision is provided at no cost to you, saving you an additional $2850

Total first year savings equal $4250.

Learn more about our Internship Program.

2021 Incoming Cohort Projected Tuition

*Please note: Tuition rates reflect 2020 cohort and are subject to change.

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