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MFT Program Tuition Information

The MFT Training Program at Denver Family Institute offers a two-year Post-Graduate certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy. DFI is the only COAMFTE-accredited Post Degree Institute (PDI) in Colorado, and one of only three accredited PDIs in the country. DFI’s MFT certificate program is recognized by the MFT licensing board in the state of Colorado as equivalent to an education in Marriage and Family, making DFI students eligible to apply for an LMFT or MFTC after graduating from DFI.

*Please note: Tuition rates reflect 2023 cohort and are subject to change.

Types of Students at DFI

Post-Graduate Student

Post-Graduates already hold a master’s degree in mental health or a related field prior to starting at DFI. All second-year students and above are considered Post-Graduates at DFI. DFI’s MFT Certificate program meets the educational requirements needed to apply for MFTC and LMFT licensure in the state of Colorado.

Pre-Graduate Student

Pre-Graduates can utilize DFI as an internship placement site during their last year of graduate school, without taking on additional intake and administrative responsibilities. Tuition for Pre-Graduates is the same as Post-Graduates.

DFI Interns

DFI is an internship placement site for students in graduate school. Interns are generally required to commit to the full two-year program at DFI with some exceptions.* In exchange for fulfilling approximately ten (10) hours a week of intake and administrative tasks, interns receive free supervision and three free DFI courses. Learn more about internship opportunities at DFI here.


We know that pursuing post-graduate-level training in Marriage and Family Therapy at DFI is a significant investment of time, money, and energy. Our team is deeply committed to providing a one-of-a kind training experience that prepares our students for a thriving career in relational, systemic therapy. Some of the ways that we keep DFI’s training program as accessible as possible include:

  • Flexibility: DFI’s program is designed to accommodate students with jobs, family responsibilities, and other endeavors.
  • Off-site hours: up to 250 of the 500 required hours can be accrued at an off-site placement (so that students can earn an income while also accruing DFI hours)
  • Scholarship Opportunities: Admitted students may apply for a scholarship to cover a portion of DFI tuition. Amounts vary each year, but typically range from $1,200 to $5,000 each year per applicant. The scholarship gives priority to students experiencing financial constraints, as well as single parents and students from historically marginalized backgrounds. 
  • Affordability: At $271 per credit, DFI is significantly more affordable than a traditional clinical graduate degree. Please see below for a cost comparison and breakdown.
  • Monthly Payments: DFI tuition is dispersed across monthly payments.
  • Employer Tuition Reimbursement: some DFI students have received tuition reimbursement through their employer. DFI is always enthusiastic about establishing these types of partnerships on behalf of our students and the field of MFT.

The tuition table transparently shows the total, all-inclusive cost of supervision, coursework and practicum for DFI’s full two-year program.

The cost of the MFT Certificate Program at Denver Family Institute includes:

  • Supervision – Minimum of:
    • 61 hours of individual supervision (averages out to be $69 per supervision hour – compared to average of $120-$175/hour)
    • 70 hours of group supervision ($31 per hour of group supervision)
  • Coursework: 16 MFT courses (8 quarters of Practicum = 16 credits) totaling 46 quarter credit hours (comes out to $271 per credit hour)
    • DFI’s core curriculum includes two (2) AASECT-approved courses, for a total of 35 AASECT CEs that can be directly applied to AASECT certification
    • DFI’s COAMFTE-accredited program meets all educational requirements needed to apply for MFT licensure. Therefore, DFI allows students with a prior master’s degree in a related field to become licensed without needing to go back to grad school for a second degree. For Social Work and Counseling students, DFI gives them the opportunity to pursue dual licensure.

Tuition Costs for 2023 Academic Year


$750 per course

Courses are held once a week over five consecutive weeks and are taught by practicing clinicians and experts in the field of mental health. All courses have been approved by COAMFTE and count toward the educational equivalency needed to apply for an MFT Licensure. DFI’s core curriculum includes two AASECT-approved courses, for a total of 35 AASECT CEs that can be directly applied to AASECT certification.

Practicum 1-8

$300 per quarter

Practicum is the clinical component of DFI’s Marriage and Family Therapy Training Program and serves to integrate course material into practice. Students are enrolled in Practicum throughout the full two-year program. Students earn two (2) credits per quarter for a total of sixteen (16) Practicum credits.

Individual Supervision

1st year students have weekly individual supervision and 2nd year students have bi-weekly individual supervision while training at DFI. Students will receive a minimum of 61 hours of individual supervision over the course of two years, averaging a cost of $69 per supervision hour.  A minimum of seven (7) quarters of supervision is required to graduate. All students have the option of participating in an 8th quarter of supervision, and a la carté supervision sessions are available at an hourly rate.

Group Supervision

$310 for Quarterly Group Supervision (10 hours per quarter)

Students participate in five (5) group supervision sessions per quarter. Each group supervision meeting is two hours in duration ($31 per hour of group supervision). Group sizes will not exceed six students.

Capstone Course


Preparation for Capstone at DFI occurs over the course of the two-year program and is the last credited course. Capstone consists of three (3) Capstone classes (one class during the 1st year and two during the 2nd year) and a final Capstone presentation as the culminating task for graduating students. Students receive three (3) credits for Capstone.

DFI Internship Scholarship

Interns at Denver Family Institute receive an Internship Scholarship that covers the full cost of supervision (individual and group) as well as three DFI courses during the internship year. Please refer to the Internship page and tuition tables for more details. Learn more about our Internship Program.

2024 Incoming Cohort Projected Tuition

*Please note: Tuition rates reflect the 2024 cohort and are subject to change.

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